Zac Bookman

Special guest

Co-Founder and CEO of OpenGov - the leading Budgeting and Performance company powering more effective and accountable government.

Before OpenGov, he served as Advisor to U.S. Army General H.R. McMaster on the Combined Joint Interagency Task Force Shafafiyat (Transparency) - an Anticorruption task force at the International Security Assistance Forces headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Zac previously practiced trial litigation at Keker & Van Nest in San Francisco, where he represented Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 clients in contract, trade secret, white-collar criminal, and patent matters. Zac was a law clerk to the Honorable Sandra S. Ikuta on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and a Fulbright Fellow in Mexico, where he studied transparency through the lens of Mexico's Freedom of Information Act.

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